Child Car Seat Hire, Fit, Check and Sales Service

The Kidsafe NT Child Car Restraint Services include:

  • Child Car Restraint Fitting & Checking Service
  • Child Car Restraint Hiring Service
  • Child Car Restraint Advice Service
  • Child Car Restraint Sales

If restraints are correctly installed and used, the risk of injury and death posed to children in car accidents is reduced by as much as 70 to 80 percent. It is now a legal requirement in the NT for all children up to the age of 7 years to travel in child car restraints appropriate for their age and development. 

Our Child Car Restraint Advisory, Checking and Fitting Service is an important part of our not for profit organisation. Unlike other "baby hire" organisations we are not a business but a community service. Funds raised from fees go back into producing programs and materials for parents and caregivers to create safer environments for Territory kids. At Kidsafe NT the safety of the child is paramount. Our Type 1 Fitters are highly trained and accredited professionals. A recent Kidsafe NT customer survey has concluded that 100% of our customers rate our car restraint fitting service as 10/10!  We are so proud of this result and pride ourselves on our high levels of customer care.
Further information on each of the above service areas can be found below. To make a booking or enquiry regarding child car restraint fitting call ph: 8941 8234.

Kidsafe NT has a range of quality, well-priced child restraints including the latest Safe n Sound models and Baby Love.

We also offer advice on purchasing, in particular which models will fit best in certain vehicles and for those with multiple child restraints.

Credit card facilities are available. All child restraints purchased through Kidsafe NT have the option of being installed by our Staff when collected from our premises.

For parents and caregivers who prefer not to purchase a restraint or who may only need one temporarily, Kidsafe NT also offers the option of a hire service with concessions available for low income earners to ensure safety is affordable for all.

Child Car Restraint Fitting & Checking Service

Kidsafe offers this cost effective service for those who are unsure about how to fit their child's car seat or those that just want to check that they have fitted their seat correctly. It is recommended to have the restraint checked by our qualified fitters.

The fitting service provides a comprehensive overview of how the restraint you have purchased works, how you use and adjust the restraint for your child; it is then installed into your vehicle and each customer is provided with a paper record of what the fitter has completed.

The fitting and checking service is available at the Kidsafe NT Centre at 1/9 Charlton Court, Woolner NT 0820.


WE APOLOGISE FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE CAUSED BY THE TEMPORARY REMOVAL OF OUR ONLINE BOOKING SERVICE WHICH HAS BEEN EXPERIENCING ONGOING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES.  Out of office hours please use our contact us button to send us an email with your preferred appointment time and we will call you back to confirm availability.

Kidsafe NT Fitting Costs (as of 1 July 2017) 

Checking previously installed Child car seats $25.00   Concession        $10.00
Conversion of Restraint from Rearward to Forward Facing $35.00   Concession        $15.00
Fitting your child car seat for you $40.00   Concession        $20.00
Accessories such as extension straps and Anchor bolts  Costs vary and are additional to fitting costs 


Please note: Where factory fitted anchor points are not present, the customer is required to install, at their own cost, an anchorage system that meets the Australian Design Rules with certification from Department of Transport.

Kidsafe NT can provide the names of businesses experienced in Type 2 Fitting. 

To make a booking or enquiry regarding child car restraint fitting or hiring contact us or call us on (08) 8941 8234.

Child Car Restraint Hiring Service

Kidsafe NT has a range of Baby Capsules, Convertibles, Combination restraints and Booster Seats available for hire. 

BOOKINGS ARE REQUESTED so call  between 9am and 1pm or leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you're in the local area and pop in we'll do our best to accommodate your requirements but in busy periods this may not be possible so we may need to book you in for another time. 

All seats require a refundable deposit of $50.00 (Concession $40.00) which is taken at the time of booking to confirm your hire.

Hire Charges from 1 July 2017 (Please inquire separately for our NEW Unity Capsule prices)

Full Rate                      Concession (Health care card/unemployed/pensioners)

1 Week:  $45                   $30.00

2 Weeks: $50                  $35.00

3 Weeks: $55                  $40.00

4 Weeks: $60                  $45.00

2 Months: $80                 $55.00

3 Months: $95                 $75.00

4-5 Months: $15 extra per month   ($10.00 Concession)

6 Months: $130  ($100.00 Concession)

7 - 12 Months: Additional $15 / month   ($10.00 Concession)

Overdue Fee: $30 applies to all late returns

Hire terms and conditions

Minimum hire charge is one week (if hire is required for less than 7 days). Maximum hire is for 12 months. 

Hire charges are calculated in 1 month units or part thereof for hire period more than than 1 month.  

An Overdue Charge will be incurred where due notice (1 month as per hire contract agreement) has not been given of intention to extend hire or inability to return restraint by due date (unless arranged prior).

A Booking Cancellation Fee will be applied if less than 2 weeks notice is given if the hired child restraint is no longer required that is equal to the 1 week hire fee. 

Child Car Restraint Advice Service

Kidsafe NT has extensive experience in the installation and use of child car restraints for children of all ages. 

Kidsafe NT has been offering free advice to parents who are attempting to fit multiple children into a single vehicle relating to which restraints work best and how to position them within the vehicle for ease of access and ease of use, while considering the safety implications of decisions. We also take into consideration the immediate and the long term restraining requirements of each child to be transported in the vehicle, to try and allow for a cost effective solutions for parents and carers.

Kidsafe NT can also provide specialist assistance for parents of children with special needs or medical complications that require special consideration for safe transport.

We are happy to arrange demonstration workshops for organisations and agencies who transport children for a minimal fee.

For further information on our child car restraint advice service Contact Us or call 08 8941-8234.