Brochures and Booklets

Brochures and Booklets

Call in to Kidsafe NT for a great range of free safety promotion resources including A Parent's Guide to Kidsafe Homes and a Parents Guide to Kidsafe Roads

Fact Sheets

Kidsafe NT has an extensive list of Child Injury Prevention Fact Sheets available and in print reproduced with permission from Kidsafe NT. If you would like a PDF emailed to you of one of the below simply call 8941-8234 or email

If you wish to use excerpts from any of the Fact Sheets or wish to Copy them in their entirety, written permission needs to be sought by contacting Kidsafe NT on (08) 8941 8234.

Here is a list of the current Kidsafe NT Fact Sheets - check with us for specific topics and we are happy to source additional information and send it to you:

Hot Cars

Ten Key Facts 

Child Car Restraints

Small Wheeled Devices

Pedestrian Safety

Toy Safety

Playground safety

Home Safety checklist

Stage of Development Fact Sheets

NEW BABIES: Birth to Six Months

OLDER BABIES: Six to Twelve Months

TODDLERS: One to Two Years 

PRESCHOOLERS: Three to Five Years